Home Inspection Arlington Tx

Home Inspection Arlington Tx 

Hello and welcome to our website. Are you looking for Arlington home inspection? If so you’ve come to the right place. We’re not only experts on home inspections but experts on how to treat our clients as well. A&T Home Inspections is located in Cedar Hill, Tx we’re known for our superb customer service and our detailed inspections, and reports. Give us a call today or fill out our free quote form.

Arlington, Texas founded in 1876. It was first settled as a small settlement alongside the railroad. By January, 1877  the US Postal Service recognized Arlington as a city. During 1917  the city began to experience growth as brick and mortar shops were opened along Main Street, the building of schools added to the city’s growth as well

Need a Home Inspector? Why Trust Our Arlington Home Inspection Service? Here’s Why.

Iv’e been a Arlington home insepctor for years, A&T Home Inspections is the Arlington Home Inspection company you can rely on. We’re a 5-star Google rated company with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our inspection reports are extremely detailed and considered the best in the DFW Metroplex. We offer professional service by licensed inspectors, convenient scheduling, affordable pricing, and top-notch customer service.

Arlington home inspection
Outdoor Home Inspections

Exterior Home Inspection Services


What should you expect when getting an outdoor home inspection? Good question. When A&T Home Inspections conduct exterior inspections, one of our profesional Arlignton Inspectors will focus on these main locations:


Sidings: Wear and tear of a homes sidings are natural. Areas not protected by soffts also knows as overhangs are the first to begin to rot.


Decks: We always make sure to check for sagging in decks which may be mean possible structural problems. Attention to detail is important, sometimes decks can have a fresh coat of paint concealing secvere rotting, or termite damage.



Inspecting Windows


From a distance patched windows may look intact however, upon closer examination you can tell where the damage has been repaired. Check for poorly sealed windows as well as rot. Pulling the cladding back from the window is a great way to inspect for interior rot. Remember when looking for a home inspection in Arlington, A&T is the way to go.





Roof Inspections

The roof is always a hotspot when it comes to inspections. When checking your roof we are lookinf for any irregularities with the roof. Examples would be mishapen shingles, sliding shingles, improperly nailed shingles and more. Shingles that looked curled from thr ground is a sign of an old roof.




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Give us a call at 469-830-8229 to find out how A&T Home Inspections can help you before you buy a home in the Arlington Area. You can always fill out or contact form for a free quote as well.


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