What is a Resort Vacation Certificate?
Resort Vacation Certificates (“Certificate(s)”) is redeemable for a 7 night stay at many resorts worldwide*. The Certificate(s) is designed to be used for off-peak travel. Peak seasons can vary according to destination.

Do Resort Vacation Certificates Expire?
Yes, they expire up to 12 months from the date of purchase which is printed on the Certificate(s). IMPORTANT: (1) Certificate(s) cannot be extended beyond the Expiration Date (Book by Date). (2) Travel must be completed within 12 months from booking your accommodations.

How do I redeem my Resort Vacation Certificate?
Visit the website printed on the Certificate(s) and enter the certificate number to search for accommodations. The Certificate(s) will remain valid until: (1) it is redeemed by booking accommodations or (2) it expires.

How far in advance can I search for accommodations?
Once you receive the Certificate(s), it is active immediately. Depending on the Certificate(s) type, you may be able to search up to 12 months in advance. Travel must be completed within 12 months from booking.

Can I stay less than 7 nights?
Yes, you can stay less than 7 nights. However, you will not receive a refund for any remaining nights on your booking (same applies for upgraded bookings). If you plan on arriving after the scheduled check-in date, you should contact the resort directly and advise them of your late arrival. IMPORTANT: You cannot arrive before the check-in date.

What if my Certificate is about to expire and I cannot find the resort I want?
Certificate(s) expire up to 12 months from the date of purchase and cannot be extended. IMPORTANT: We encourage you to be flexible in your destination choice and/or travel dates.

I’ve booked my accommodations and cannot go anymore. Can I change my reservation?
It is not possible to change or transfer the booking once your accommodations are booked. However, you can add another traveler to the confirmation by calling the Call Center.

Do I need an actual printed Certificate(s) to check-in?
No. Please print your booking confirmation that was emailed to you and present it at the resort check-in desk.